Wednesday, April 20, 2011

comings and goings


I've come to the conclusion that it's much easier to pack for a long weekend than it is for a work trip, especially when I get to go somewhere more fun than Oklahoma! Tomorrow I leave for Pittsburgh for four whole days to spend time with Amy and JP, two of my favorite people in the world, and getting everything in my suitcase was an easy feat. I am so incredibly excited to experience a new city with them, and to see my best friend that I haven't seen in two whole months! Now when I have to pack for another 2-month adventure in about three weeks, it'll be quite another story...

I'm ready!!!


It was 85 degrees and sunny yesterday, and I was feeling extremely motivated to do something outside. Running sounded fantastic, but it was almost a little too warm to go to the path at UAH that I frequent after work. So I decided it was the perfect day for my first trail run of the year! It's usually at least 10 degrees cooler up on Monte Sano, the mountain near my house, and my favorite trail (South Plateau Loop) was nice and dry. It was just as gorgeous as I expected, and I ran the 3.5 miles in about 42 minutes (slow? yes... my legs are about 2 feet long!)

Just to give you a visual of why I fall more in love with Monte Sano every time I'm there


My mom and I decided to go to my new favorite restaurant in Huntsville- 1892 East- tonight. Just about all of their food is locally grown and raised, and everything is made from scratch. They just came out with a new spring menu which I was very happy with, and tons of vegan-friendly items. Their bread is made from scratch and is served with an organic white bean spread instead of butter. I ordered the grilled tempeh and tomato sauce with a side of new potatoes and veggies... and I can't begin to describe how incredible it was. I've eaten my fair share of tempeh (if you've never tried it and are a little weary of tofu, eat some!) but I usually get the pre-marinated kind and just saute it for a second. This was an entirely new flavor and was much more filling and almost meaty! Amazing.

I'm still full.
*On a final and special note, my wonderful mother is deploying on Easter Sunday to Iraq for one year. Please keep her, Jeremy (who's in Afghanistan) and all the "kids" I love teaching so much, in your thoughts as you go about your days.

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